Kent Island Cup

Kent Island Cup Relay Race Start

This is the start of the race for the Kent Island Relay Race around Kent Island. The race was open to OC6's, OC2's and OC1's. I joined the NCAWPA mixed OC6 crew and my friend Susan Williams, from Philadelphia, joined a Canadian OC6 team. My mixed team actually ended up being put in the men's class because we were short one woman ... but it didn't matter. We were going to come in third whether we were in the mixed class or the men's class.

NCA mixed team coming into the finish at Kent Island

Susan, who is big on details but lacks photos wrote a pretty descriptive narrative of the race. You can read it HERE. I tend to focus on the visual so I did the photo album, with help from Susan. Susan took the photos at the end of the race. She did legs 1 and 3 for the Canadian team and I did legs 2 and 4 for the DC team. So Susan was at the pier when all the teams came back to the yacht club. You can see the photo album HERE.

I have a new land based camera (i.e. not waterproof) so the photos have a little more detail and clarity than what I could get out of the Olympus waterproof camera. It's a Sony Cyber-shot H7 and it has 8 megapixels and a 15x optical zoom. It's not a big increase in megapixels over the Olympus but the 15x optical zoom is a big improvement. The Olympus has a zoom but it's only digital not optical. I've been learning a lot about digital cameras these last few weeks. Anyways the next blog post will be after Shannon and I return from Maine.