Checking in ...

Garmin Speed Graph from Outrigger Canoe Workout

Keeping a blog is almost like keeping a diary, except it's public. Lately I've received a few emails from blog readers to the effect "Where are you?" I'm here. Right where I've always been. But lately I've been totally focused on training for races in the outrigger canoe. Not exactly a blog worthy event. In fact outrigger canoe races aren't really blog rich. Basically we launch from the shore or the beach and we go out ... for several hours. Then we come back. Exciting right? Well we've had a few races this summer and I have a few photos from the before race and after race. But it's not like I can stop mid race and take photos. Although for the race in New York City that would have been pretty cool.

In a few weeks we'll have the BIG RACE that I've been training for all summer. We're going to Hawaii for the Queen Lili race. It's an 18 mile iron man race ... meaning no crew changes. It should be exciting. So we've been increasing the length and intensity of our workouts. Above is the speed graph from Sunday's workout. One of the spikes down is the huli drill. A huli drill is to practice tipping the canoe over and flipping it back up and getting back in. We're hoping not to huli during the race ... but it pays to be prepared.

Well off to work now and later another practice at the boathouse.